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                加入收藏 | 在線留言 | 聯系我們 山東省高密市華水機械科技開發有限公司官網!
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                電 話:0536-2320173   13705366793

                傳 真:0536-2320173
                手 機:13705366793
                郵 箱:sdhskj@126.com
                地 址:山東省高密市醴泉工業園醴泉大街盛德路399號(北廠區)

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                 山東省高密市華水機械科技開發有限公司系集開發、設計、研制、生產、銷售、服務于一體的綜合性企業,公司 下設科達水利機械研究所、水利機械廠、節能設備廠、民建工程處、水利工程施工處。公司自建立以來,為水利事業的發展做出了突出的貢獻。
                  Gaomi Huashui Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd of Shandong Province is an enterprise which integrates developing, designing, producing, marketing and serving. It consists of the following five part----Keda Institute of Water Conservancy Machinery, Factory of Water Conservancy Machinery, Energy-Saving Equipment Factory, Civil Construction Engineering Department and Water-Conservancy Construction Projecting Department. During the developing process of water conservancy undertakings, the corporation contributes a lot since it set up.
                  公司水利機械廠的主導產品為LZY系列砼構件成型機,該機采用立式振動擠壓成型技術,生產U型、矩形、弧形構件,可用在U型、梯形渠道等工程,其尺寸準確、密實度高抗凍、抗滲、抗折性能好,用它建U型 渠道,質量好,壽命長,施工方便,節省造價,該技術于91年申請國家專利。93年4月15日水利部科技推廣中心以(93)水科技推字第3號文件向全國推廣使用該產品,并在96年于“北京96國際水利技術裝備展覽會暨全國水利經濟科技成果產品展示交易會”上參展并深受歡迎,是農田水利基本建設的理想機械。
                  The leading merchandise of Water Conservancy Machinery Factory is Series LZY concrete component forming machine. This machine uses extrusion molding technology of vertical vibration to produce component of U shape, rectangle shape and arc shape. With its good functions of accuracy, high density, antifreeze, anti-penetrating and high reinforcement, those components can be used in projects such as U shape and keystone channel. The U-shaped channels constructed by technology of extrusion molding technology of vertical vibration have the following features: good quality, long service life, convenient to construct and saving cost. Therefore, that technology has applied for national patent copyright in 1991 and on April 15th. 1993,  is promoted nationally by Science and Technology Promotion Center under Ministry of Water Resources with No. 3 document of promoting water science and technology in the year of 1993. By the same time, it is exhibited in“Exhibition of Beijing Technology and Equipment and Achievements Exhibition and Trade Fair of National Water Conservancy Economy Science and Technology ”in 1996 and is welcomed famously. It is the best machine for infrastructure of irrigation and water conservancy.    
                  96年已開發換代產品,LZY-AE型國家專利產品曾榮獲第十四屆、第十六屆濰坊國際風箏會品牌產品博覽會金獎;97年10月全國節水防滲灌溉會議上再展風姿,水利部、農業部、財政部、國家科委、農業發展銀行聯合推廣該產品 。
                  The corporation has researched and developed its substitute products in the year of 1996. Type LZY-AE has got golden prize in No. 14 and 16 Weifang International Kite Festival and Brand Products Expo. And it was jointly popularized by Ministry of Water Conservancy, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, State Scientific and Technological Commission and Agriculture Development Bank in the Conference of Water saving, Anti-penetration and Irrigation.
                  The enterprise has researched and developed 4 national patents from 2005 to 2008, realized the upgrading of products and enhanced the quality and daily output (twice of before). In 2011, We have researched one patent of mold sliding outside which increases the daily output to 600-1000 pieces (its is 1.5 times on the basis of 2005-2008’s).
                    2012年12月中國全自動內滑模水利U型槽成型機橫空出世,(專利:ZL2011 2 0110900.3 ),從此實現了水利人的科技夢想。該產品出口越南等東南亞國家和地區,從此走出國門,深受國外用戶的好評!
                    In Dec, 2012, we researched the Water U Groove Forming Machine of Full Automatic and Inner Slide Which is the first one in our country and gets its patent No. ZL201120110900.0. It fully realizes our scientific dream, is exported to Vietnam etc. and gets good fame.
                The corporation will devote and contribute a lot to infrastructure construction of farmland water conservancy.
                  The general manager Fu Bingfang and all the staff welcome all our friends to come and visit.